Blended Scotch and Malt Independent Bottlers Peg Whisky Scotland Whisky from 0 to 50 euros

Peg Whisky Blended Scotch

Review of the basic blended scotch from new bottler Peg Whisky.

Provenance: Scotland
Typology: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 40%ABV
Ageing casks: N/A
Chillfiltered: Yes
Added coloring: Yes
Owner: Peg Whisky
Average price: € 40.00
Official website: www.peg-whisky.com
Vote: 78/100

Peg Whisky is a new bottler that has recently appeared on the market, the result of the passion of two cousins who, as whisky collectors, decided to create their own label with which to offer the distillate in three versions, so as to reach the tastes (and pockets) of all enthusiasts.
Conviviality is in fact the spirit behind this new label, which takes its name from the “little glass” (peg) of whisky in front of which friends can gather to chat.
There are three bottlings in the first proposal launched on 12 September: Limited Edition I (single cask of Speyside aged seven years), Small Batch Exclusive Series I (limited edition blended) and this Blended Scotch.

Conceived as a basic and fixed element of their portfolio, this is the introductory version of their idea of whisky, easy to approach in terms of profile as well as price (which, it must be said, remains economical even in its other expressions), a blend of malts as well as grains whose casks of origin are not known.
Having received samples of these first releases, you will soon find articles on the other bottles, while a few days ago we published an exclusive interview.

Tasting notes

Intensely herbaceous on the nose, with impressions of lavender, the grains definitely take the lion’s share of a young whisky with honey, orange, camphor, mustard. Background of wet malt, very reminiscent of a new make profile.
The palate becomes warmer and spicier with flashes of cinnamon and aniseed on fruit (apple, banana, pineapple), vanilla, liquorice, malt. Simple and linear but compact.
The finish is rather short, dry and spicy, of hazelnuts, malt, liquorice.

A blended that is easy to approach, perhaps a little too young, but which is pleasant and balanced, certainly superior to many competitors in the same price range.

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