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Lamberto Lamarina

A simple whisky enthusiast, who has found in blogs and review sites a valuable guide to untangle among the many nuances of this precious distillate.
And who thought to add his own experience, as a simple amateur, without the pretense of becoming a guide as much as a help to those who approach the Art of Whisky.

Blog founded in the summer of 2019, since February 2021 offers an English version, which will slowly be on par with the Italian one.
Those you will find here are whiskies largely within everyone’s reach, especially Scottish, with the will to create a meeting point between lovers of this distillate.
The idea is to collect, in a concise way, the information that a new enthusiast can look for when approaching the world of whisky, finding in one place everything he can need, including reviews of others to compare with.

It is not a complete blog, it is certainly not famous or authoritative, certainly imperfect.
But done with the heart.

Great Otre

I’m a young staff member of Magister Rosencrantz. I have behind me a training as a sommelier, as a literary, and as a food historian, but above all I have dedicated the last ten years to most of the alcohol, cibari and smoking vices available.

I too have always been a big fan of Scotch whisky, especially peat, and secondly precious Japanese whiskies. Thanks to some travel opportunities in past years I have also had the opportunity to discover the vast world of American bourbons. My other great recent alcoholic love is gin (from Cocktail Martini and alone).

With my reviews I will try to offer a technical point of view, but quiet and relaxed, because I am not interested in rewarding or rejecting anyone, but just enjoying a good product. Since I am also a great omnivorous eater, cigar and pipe smoker, and wine drinker, you will often find references to these other worlds. I hope you will be pleased, since good drinking should always go hand in hand with something equally worthy.


Il Bevitore Squattrinato (The Penniless Drinker)

I am a whisky enthusiast, Scottish single malt in particular (but I do not close the door to blended or whiskey from other countries), convinced that this distillate is a spectacular meeting place between science and art, chemistry and philosophy.

My modest reviews, in line with the lightness proposed by the blog, have no claim to completeness and should not be taken for judgments.

The hope is to always arouse in the reader the desire for a (new) drink, opening up to that feeling of sharing that makes whisky, like any other pleasure, richer.   


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