Denmark EtOH Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

EtOH Been Apart

Review of a distillate with accelerated maturation in French wood.

Origin: Denmark
Tyoe: Pure Malt Spirit
Gradation: 42%ABV
Ageing woods:  Ex-Brandy and ex-Vin doux naturel
Chillfiltered: No
Added colouring: No
Owner: EtOH
Average price: € 65.00 
Official website: etoh.dk
Vote: 84/100

Let’s return to the Classics series from Danish company EtOH, this time with a distillate for which wood from ex-Burgundy brandy casks and ex-Vin doux naturel has been used: a seven-day ageing process that pays homage to Bonaparte, baguettes and France (their words!).
The new make of Scottish origin at the base of this bottling is aged for three years in the usual exhausted casks, which, as I had already pointed out when talking about Call of Excise Duty, gave it a certain personality, here indicated as sought after. I refer you to that article also for the processing details of this very special bottler.
But let the taste speak for itself…

Tasting notes

The nose is as tart and vinous as you’d expect, with strong herbaceous components combined with clusters of grapes, which soon softens to peach, dried apricot, green melon, vanilla and Brazil nuts. It settles on fresh, soft, very summery aromas.
In the mouth, it shows a cheerful alcoholic exuberance, not excessive but with this alcohol content it catches you a little off guard. A touch of spice (ginger, pepper, dill), yellow fruit, cooked pear, caramelised brown sugar, sultanas. Background of freshly baked bread and malt.
Medium long finish of baked pear, vanilla, bread, sultanas.

A chameleon-like distillate that starts out on refreshing notes and reinvents itself warm and smooth on the palate. There’s no great complexity or layering (how could there be?), but it’s a pleasant and enjoyable enough dram.

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