Macallan Distillery Scotland Speyside Region Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

Macallan Quest

Review of the cheapest whisky in the quartet

Origin: Speyside (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Strength: 40%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry
Chillfiltered: Yes
Added coloring: Yes
Owner: Edrington Group
Average price: € 65.00
Official website: www.themacallan.com
Vote: 75/100

It’s been a while since The Macallan has been around this pages, and I’m taking advantage of a generous sample of one of the (many) NAS recently produced by the Edrington-based giant to catch up.
As is often the case with the distillery, this is a bottling that is part of a themed series, recalling the quest (hence the name) for the best casks to create the precious liquid we all love.
There are four labels that make up this line, originally produced in 2017 for the Travel Retail market in a litre version too: Enigma, Terra, Lumina and Quest, which gives the name to it.

The cheapest bottle of the quartet, made from four types of casks divided between ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry, the latter hogshead, American and European, ‘picked by hand’ as it says on the label.
Beyond marketing, the almost maniacal attention to the choice of casks is a peculiar characteristic of The Macallan, regardless of the final result, which has not always convinced me, but is certainly a plus of their products.

Tasting notes

Despite the low alcohol content, the nose is quite lively but not to the point of disturbing the aromas, which are suspended between tropical and red fruit; pineapple, pink grapefruit, wild strawberry, blueberry, plum. More acidic than soft, the notes of vanilla and honey are subdued and a pronounced mineral vein emerges along the length. Fresh and sharp, like you wouldn’t expect from a Macallan.
In the mouth it offers a light body with a slight spicy note (pepper and a touch of aniseed) that introduces the fruity tones of the nose, turning more towards citrus and dry with a background of honey, vanilla and malt. Along the length, spicy notes tend to prevail on a grassy carpet with some tropical and citrus touches.
The finish is quite short and spicy, with herbaceous touches, with malt, citrus, red fruits, slightly bitter.

The flicker of personality on the nose is quickly exhausted once it reaches the mouth, where it proves to be flat and lacking in incisiveness, paying for its youth. I honestly didn’t expect anything different, but it’s always a shame to try these NAS from a distillery capable of so much more.

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