Cotswolds Distillery England Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

Cotswolds 2014 Odissey Barley

Review of the first whisky produced by the English Cotswolds.

Origin: Cotswolds (England)
Type: Single Malt English Whisky
Gradation: 46%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon and ex-Red Wine reconditioned
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Cotswolds Distillery
Average price: € 57.00
Official website: www.cotswoldsdistillery.com
Vote: 83/100

One of the first distilleries to return to whisky production in England, Cotswolds was founded in 2014 near the hills of the same name in Warwickshire by founder Daniel Szor who, with the advice of Harry Cockburn and the well-known Jim Swan, began producing whisky and filled the first casks in September of that year.
As is often the case, while waiting for the necessary ageing before bottling, Cotswolds makes gin and other spirits (including bitters and limoncello), eventually releasing the first 5,000 bottles of whisky in 2017.

The whisky is produced entirely from local products, including barley (of the Odyssey quality), and at the moment doesn’t include declared ageing but some NAS with different characteristics: single malt in Sherry, peated, finished in Sauternes casks and this single malt, heir to the first, which has won several international awards.
Although it doesn’t have a declared age on the label, it’s still aged for three years as the first one.

Tasting notes

Gold with copper veins in the glass.
Dried figs with almonds, red fruits, vanilla, caramel, orange peel: the first aromas that reach the nose are warm and enveloping, nicely charged. Nutmeg, wood and a hint of chocolate punctuate the bouquet.
A sprinkling of black pepper and rhubarb welcomes the palate, confirming the aromatic palette of the nose in a rather dry and oily context, less loaded in the flavours and with some more delicate fruit notes (peach, mainly). Cereals in the background.
Fairly long finish of dried fruit, nutmeg, vanilla, wood.

A very young but interesting malt, very pleasant to drink and although not shining with great personality, shows balance and great promise. Given the affordable price, it’s definitely worth buying and trying.

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