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Jack Wiebers Isle of Jura 20yo (1998 – 2018)

Review of a 20-year-old Jura bottled by German Jack Wiebers

Origin: Isle of Jura (Scotland)
Type: Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 51.2%ABV
Ageing cask: Ex-Bourbon
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Jack Wiebers Whisky World
Average price: € 250.00
Official website: www.jwww.de
Vote: 89/100

Let’s face it: with a few exceptions, Jura whiskies, or at least OB whiskies, are not particularly popular with connoisseurs, so much so that all sorts of sneers are raining down on social media. We can confirm: the few Juras we have tasted were not exactly memorable.
But today we pour an independent bottling into the glass, chosen by Jack Wiebers, an independent German bottler based in Berlin, active since 1998 which, to date, has released more than 900 whiskies, all single cask. His best-known series, also for its special labels, is Old Train Line, to which this Jura also belongs, distilled in September 1998, aged in an ex-Bourbon cask (no. 2137) and bottled in December 2018 in 242 bottles, at 51.2% ABV, without added colouring or chillfiltration.

Tasting notes

The colour is a light gold.
On the nose we are greeted by a tropical fruit salad, with ripe pineapple and mango in evidence, followed by a hint of mixed spices (thyme and marjoram above all) and a rather light dusting of white pepper, while a balsamic note traceable to eucalyptus communicates a particularly pleasant sensation of freshness. The intensity of the different perceptions varies from minute to minute, but, however dynamic, the nose always maintains an enviable balance. After a few moments, a gentle scent of vanilla appears, accompanied by a delicious milk chocolate.
The opening is decidedly peppery. Here, vanilla and milk chocolate arrive immediately, accompanied, a short distance away, by custard and yellow apple. In the background, thyme and marjoram are appreciated, while as the drink progresses, the flavour profile is noticeably enriched by malaga and orange zest.
The peppery finish brings back custard and, above all, tropical fruit salad, which leaves a long memory in the mouth.

The least that can be said about this 20-year-old is that it is very good. Surprising and harmonious on the nose, comfortable on the palate, with an unforgettable finish, a whisky that reminds us that there are no bad distilleries, but possibly bad management. And how good independent bottlers are often the best antidote to banality and boredom.

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