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Wilson & Morgan Ben Nevis 7yo (2013-2020)

Review of a young Ben Nevis bottled by Wilson & Morgan.

Origin: Highlands (Scozia)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Strength: 46%ABV
Ageing cask: Ex-Sherry butt
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Wilson & Morgan
Average price: € 38.00
Official website: www.wilsonandmorgan.com
Vote: 90/100

Several whiskies from the Italian company Wilson & Morgan have already been featured on this blog. Today, we taste from their Barrel Selection a young Ben Nevis, distilled in 2013 and bottled last year.
Ben Nevis, which is based in Fort William, at the foot of the highest mountain in the United Kingdom from which it takes its name, has recently gained considerable credit among enthusiasts, either because the only whisky in its core range, a 10yo, is as interesting as it is difficult to find, or because the proposals of independent bottlers, above all Chorlton Whisky’s 23yo, have been able to bring out the best qualities of its distillate.

Aged in a single cask ex-Sherry (the #1083), this Ben Nevis 7yo was bottled at 46% ABV and, as usual for Wilson & Morgan, without chillfiltration or added colouring.

Tasting notes

The colour is amber.
If you close your eyes as you hold the glass to your nose, you are transported, as if by magic, to a village fair, surrounded by stalls selling candyfloss, caramelised apples, popcorn and praline hazelnuts. It’s a dynamic and seductive set of sensations, enriched over time by a layer of toffee sauce, a fragrance of vanilla, a lovely apricot scent and a hint of Vov, a popular Italian egg-based liqueur of Veneto origin. A wisp of smoke draws almost imperceptible olfactory volutes, while, after a few minutes, an impression of coffee beans and malt emerge.
On the palate, the entry is decidedly aggressive, with a strong spiciness on citrus tones (orange zest). But the impetus subsides almost immediately, melting into a caress of hazelnut and meringue, and a heady fruity embrace of ripe apricot.
The medium-long, very pleasant finish leaves the mouth reminiscent of apricot, especially, and vanilla.

The stills of Ben Nevis and the foresight of Wilson & Morgan have given birth to a voluptuous whisky that, in terms of balance and expressive richness, seems much more mature than its age. A rare and precious pearl of absolute enjoyment, unrepeatable even for its current market price.

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