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Clynelish Reserve Game of Thrones – House Tyrell

Review of the Clynelish dedicated to Game of Thrones and the House Tyrell.

Origin: Highlands (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 51.2%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: Yes
Owner: Diageo
Average price: € 49.00
Official website: www.malts.com
Vote: 84/100

Let’s go back to the limited edition series dedicated to Game of Thrones, created by Diageo more than a year ago to make fans of the series and collectors happy.
The latter are perhaps not very happy, since this limited edition seems to have acquired little value over time, and online prices are schizophrenic to say the least.
A brief reminder of the bottles in the series:
Cardhu Gold Reserve (dedicated to the House Targaryen);
– Clynelish Reserve (dedicated to the House Tyrell);
Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost (dedicated to the House Stark);
Lagavulin 9yo (dedicated to the House Lannister);
Mortlach 15yo (dedicated to the Six Kingdoms);
Oban Bay Reserve (dedicated to the Night’s Watch);
Royal Lachnagar 12yo (dedicated to the House Baratheon);
Singleton of Glendullan Reserve (dedicated to the House Tully);
Talisker Select Reserve (dedicated to the House Greyjoy).
Nominally not part of the series, but nevertheless inspired by GoT, are the following:
Johnnie Walker White Walker (dedicated to the White Walkers);
Johnnie Walker Song of Fire and Johnnie Walker Song of Ice.

We are looking at the only cask strength in the series, a NAS not to be confused with the Select Reserve (kudos for imagination), released in two editions in 2014 and 2015.
A note on the label, which is meant to represent a rose, but looks like a creature from Stranger Things…

Tasting notes

Fruit in profusion on the nose, with mango, pineapple and mandarin surrounded by caramel, hazelnut and wax. Let’s throw in some marshmellow and dried dates as well. Sweet and silky, with a hint of minerality, very rounded.
The mineral side is more evident on the palate, with a peppery thrust that makes the whisky more jaunty, enlivening the sweet composure still of tropical fruit, hazelnuts, Gold Saiwa and toffee. The alcoholic thrust keeps the attention high, avoiding the risk of a flat drink.
The finish is medium-long, of hazelnuts, malt and a touch of citrus.

Clynelish’s elegant sign clashes with the youthfulness of the malt, but the end result defends itself all in all well, thanks also to the choice of cask strength which also makes it fun.

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