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Whisky pollutes… perhaps.

Is whisky a threat to the environment?
The Scottish Prime Minister went to the supermarket before going to see the Queen

The fight against pollution has always been an issue on government agendas almost all over the world, at least formally, and all politicians have at one time or another embraced ecological battles, often without giving too much weight to their practical merits.

The latest is that undertaken by Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish government, which has expressed ‘concern’ about the climate impact caused by whisky production.
Will it be because of the abundant use of such a precious resource as water? Of course not, because that would be a legitimate concern.
At the urging of Green and SNP (Scottish National Party) MPs, the government has in fact launched scientific investigations to establish the environmental impact of the alcohol evaporation that occurs during the whisky maturation process, the so-called Angel’s Share.

The SWA declared through a spokesperson that these MPs may be drinking too much that ‘losses of ethanol average around two percent per year and, as the Scottish Government has previously stated, is neither harmful to health nor impactful on the environment due to its rapid dispersal’.

The same spokesman made it known that the SWA is working hard to reduce this unfortunate loss as much as possible, obviously for purely environmental purposes.

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