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The Ardbeg Day 2023 bottling and the new Traigh Bhan

Double announcement for Ardbeg

We had two announcements recently from the Islay distillery, known for its extremely sober marketing department.

You can see the first in the image above, the bottling label for Ardbeg Day 2023, which will feature a distilled spirit processed without the use of a rectifier, resulting in the ‘most full-blown Ardbeg ever’.
Beyond the lack of imagination in the slogan, for now only the double strength is known: the canonical 46%ABV for the general version and 50.2%ABV (not exactly a disruptive strength) for the Committee version.

More interesting, though certainly less disruptive, is the announcement of the fourth edition of the much-loved Traigh Bhan, the nineteen-year-old from Ardbeg, which this year is described as “incredibly balanced” thanks to an increased contribution of ex-Oloroso Sherry casks.
We’ll see how it fares in the glass test, given the mixed results of the previous three releases (here are our thoughts on third, second and first)

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