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Islay makes twelve

Project for a new distillery on Islay is born

No sooner had we celebrated the birth of the eleventh distillery on Islay, Portintruan, than news arrived of plans to establish a twelfth!

Laggan Bay will be established in Glenegedale, on a piece of land of about a couple of hectares, opposite Islay Airport and about a mile from the longest beach on the island, located at Laggan Bay.

The project, in association with Ian MacLeod Distillers, is the result of the passion of Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith, one from Portnahaven and the other from Port Charlotte, who form The Islay Boys, bottlers since 2018 who, as the name suggests, are very attached to the island and its history.
Their blended, Flatnöse, is in fact dedicated to the Viking of the same name who established the title Lord of the Isles in the Middle Ages, while their single malts, Bårelegs, pay homage in name to Magnus III, the man who consolidated the title in the 11th century.

The new distillery will be flanked by a brewery, and the timeline for the construction of the facilities is not known at the moment.

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