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Spey Trutina Cask Strength Batch 2

Review of the cask strentgh version of Trutina from Spey distillery.

Origin: Spesyside (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 59.9%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon first fill
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: The Speyside Distillery
Average price: € 60.00
Official website: speysidedistillery.co.uk
Vote: 84/100

Now in its third batch just this year, in 2021, the cask strength version of Trutina was born in 2018, complementing the standard one bottled at 46%ABV (and launched in 2016) in 18,000 units.
The second batch I’m talking about today is instead from 2020, produced in 1,500 bottles, and, as usual with this distillery’s bottlings, the name comes from Latin which, they say on their website, means truth/ honesty.
As a commercial graduate I know little about it, but the Latin dictionaries tell me that it actually means balance (literally, the hole where the needle of the balance fits): perhaps it would have been better if they had stuck to the Gaelic…

Thanks to Fabio Ermoli of Lost Drams for the generous (as well as honest and balanced) sample.

Tasting notes

Straw yellow in the glass.
The nose is very fresh, with floral and tropical fruit tones (pineapple, a touch of coconut) alongside pear, peach and kiwi, but there are also warmer, softer tones such as lemon cream and a drop of honey. Young, simple but not simple-minded, it’s a pleasure to smell without any disturb from the alcohol content.
A hit of ginger as it enters the palate, where the alcohol becomes massively present, picking up the thread of the fruit on the nose and losing a little of the more herbaceous component. A touch of citrus again on pears, apples, peaches, pineapple and lemon cake. Decidedly more abrupt and biting, a slight bitter note emerges along the length, like liquorice root.
The finish is quite long with ginger (the king of its flavors), citrus (lemon and grapefruit), pineapple, rhubarb and sugar icing.

A simple and straightforward whisky (“naked”, as some defined it), with a good balance (as per the label) between alcohol strength and cask, albeit with a few cracks probably due to its youth. Given the price too, a pleasant dram to try.

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