Denmark EtOH Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

EtOH Double Peached

Review of a spirit with accelerated ageing, in Port and actual peaches.

Origin: Denmark
Tyoe: Pure Malt Spirit
Gradation: 45%ABV
Ageing woods:  Ex-Port
Chillfiltered: No
Added colouring: No
Owner: EtOH
Average price: € 65.00 
Official website: etoh.dk
Vote: 75/100

Last of the samples of the whiskies-non-whiskies sent to me by the Danish bottler, a bottle from the Novels series which represents the most daring and unconventional taste profiles of these spirits.
And right from the label it makes a clear statement of intent!
Accelerated maturation in a reactor of their own invention, starting from a new make of Scottish malt treated with staves from ex-Port casks and refined with peaches (hence the possibility of residues on the bottom), all for a period of ten days.
Here the departure from the classic whisky profiles is sharper, all the more reason for me to keep an open mind while pouring into the glass.

Tasting notes

The nose is fresh and herbaceous, with an acidic and vaguely metallic background. Fruity tones of citrus, grape, peach, pear and melon, rubber. Alcoholic persistence. Acerbic.
In the mouth it’s lovelier, with a spicy (pepper and a touch of ginger) and dry mouthfeel on fruit (peach, citrus, apple, gooseberry), candyfloss, cola gum.
The finish is quite short and dry, spicy, with bitter tips on citrus, rubber and a metallic substrate.

The least successful of these very special distillates, the peach bomb that seems to promise on the label doesn’t deliver, and overall it’s a somewhat disordered dram with bitter and metallic veins that are not very pleasant. However, not all ventures are always successful, so the honour of arms must be given!

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