Denmark EtOH Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

EtOH White Forest

Review of a distillate with accelerated maturation in cedar and walnut woods.

Origin: Denmark
Tyoe: Pure Malt Spirit
Gradation: 47%ABV
Ageing woods: Cedar and Walnut
Chillfiltered: No
Added colouring: No
Owner: EtOH
Average price: € 65.00 
Official website: etoh.dk
Vote: 84/100

Another whisky-not-whisky from the enterprising Danish company, which creates spirits using rapid ageing procedures with the intention of creating a final product that gives whisky-like organoleptic sensations. I refer you to the review below for details.
They have two lines, Classics, which is based on the most common whisky profiles, and Novels, which explores (even) more innovative avenues.
Here I find myself with a sample from the latter, which used as a starting point a new make made with half Scottish malted and peated barley and half German rye, with no less than fourteen days of ageing in contact with cedar and walnut wood.
Intrigued? Very!

Tasting notes

And it’s the peat, herbaceous and mineral, that emerges first on the nose, with a pungent smoky note that embraces a full-bodied spice (cloves, nutmeg) over citrus (orange, kumquat), liquorice and a lemony streak. Toasted juniper. Evokes a lit Nordic fireplace.
In the mouth it’s rather light and still very spicy, with the smoke turning towards incense and the citrus tones growing in intensity, with a rather curious bitter note (reminiscent of a Campari) emerging. Juniper, liquorice root and a hint of salted pistachios along the length.
The finish is quite long and saline, of bitter, roasted juniper, spices and incense.

Cedar and peated barley happily eat up the rye, turning the tables and creating a distillate that is almost like an aperitif, aromatic and spicy, with a well-balanced alcohol content. If the intention was to create something out of the ordinary, I would say that the goal has been achieved. Ideal for mixing, but straight up with just a couple of ice cubes in Summer it could be a hit.

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