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Milano Whisky Company Glenrothes 11yo

Second bottling for Milano Whisky Company, again from Speyside.

Origin: Speyside (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 51.2%ABV
Ageing barrel: Ex-Bourbon Hogshead
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Milano Whisky Company
Average price: € 99.00
Official website: www.milanowhiskycompany.com
Vote: 86/100

A few months after their first bottling, the excellent Longmorn, Matteo, Enrico and Fabrizio return to the scene of the crime (Speyside) to offer us another single cask, this time from that Glenrothes which (as you can see in the links at the bottom) has given me a lot of satisfaction, especially in independent bottlings.

Cask number 5291 from 2009, finished in 382 bottles after 11 years, all natural.
Let’s say the premises are very good.

Tasting notes

Light gold in the glass.
The nose is a springtime triumph, fragrant flowers (lime, calico) spread over a surprisingly vinous bed, with a slight metallic note that suffuses notes of unripe pear and banana, lychees, a touch of vanilla and a few drops of lemon. Delicate but firm.
Full-bodied on the palate, with the alcohol sizzling on the tongue with white pepper and a hint of ginger, underlining the vegetal soul that opens up to sweeter tones but always with a certain sharpness, turning towards citrus (tangerines and more lemon), with a vein of almonds and a hint of bitterness that cleans the mouth at every sip.
The finish is of medium length, rather dry, with almonds, citrus, a light saline hint and a bitter streak.

Very fresh, young, vital, a whisky that doesn’t lack a few edges but offers a fun and not obvious drink, without following easy paths of jocularity and that knows how to entertain and accompany between one dram and another.
And when will the third one arrive?

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