Arbikie Distillery Highlands Region Scotland Whisky from 100 to 200 euros

Highland Rye 1794

Review of the 2020 edition of Scotland's first rye whisky in almost two centuries.

Origin: Highlands (Scotland)
Type: Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 46%ABV
Ageing casks: Charred American Virgins Casks
Chillfiltered: No
Additional Coloring: No
Owner: Arbikie Distillery
Average Price: € 150.00
Official Website: www.highlandryewhisky.com
Vote: 88/100

After trying the second edition of Scotland’s first rye in over a hundred years, here is a new expression from the Arbikie distillery, released at the end of 2020.
With the name that pays homage to the origins of this family-run company, 1794 was entirely matured in charred virgin barrels for five years, with the distillate born from the union of rye, malted barley and wheat.

Bruichladdich and InchDairnie (a brand new distillery that will launch their own whisky in 2029) are also preparing to get their rye on the market, following the path opened by the Stirling family and bringing new sap (and flavor) to scotch, which is experiencing a season of innovation thanks to these and other distilleries that, between sustainability and research, strive to keep alive an industry that , with Brexit, will live in quite hard times.

Tasting notes

Light gold in the glass.
On the nose initially is a wave of caramelized pear with toasted brown sugar and abundant spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves), which soon opens the way to strudel, honey, shortbread and an idea of Grand Marnier. Soft and rich, generous, with spices that contrast with a sweetness never cloying, compensated by mineral hints in the background. Pungent.
The impression of French liqueur recurs on the palate, more marked, accompanied by a concert of spices and mellifluous and warm caramel, with cooked fruit, brown sugar, sage and, on the length, a caress of coffee.
Fairly long and soft finish with herbaceous touches, spices, orange, caramel, honey and coffee.

Rich and multifaceted, able to compete with many cousins overseas (and overcome them), thanks to the complexity of its aromas, which know how to play on sweet and herbaceous shades that keep in balance without pounding each other’s feet, in a varied and fun dram.

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