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Dream Whisky 1990

Review of the fifth bottling in Dream Whisky's Metamorphosis collection.

Origin: Highlands (Scotland)
Type: Single Cask Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 53.1%ABV
Ageing cask: Ex-Bourbon
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Dream Whisky
Average price: € 200.00
Official website: dreamwhisky.com
Vote: 79/100

And here I am at the last (in order of age) of the bottlings in Dream Whisky’s new Metamorphosis collection, which ends with a real bang.
Thirty years of ageing in ex-Bourbon single casks for a single grain whisky from the historic Invergordon, which I remind you doesn’t produce its own bottles as its whisky all ends up in the blends of its owners.
This article completes the excursus into the collection (whose presentation you can find here) and I thank Marco and Federico for their immense kindness and availability in letting me try them.

Tasting notes

Full gold in the glass.
On the nose you enter a forest after the rain, scents of pine, resin, wet bark. Fresh and herbaceous with balsamic touches, it develops sweeter, softer tones of vanilla, banana, sultana bread, nutmeg. Impressions of incense. The notes intertwine and chase each other in the glass, in a continuous mute.
On the palate, it takes up the woody scents again, although less marked, increasing the spicy notes of the wood accompanied by ginger, banana, nuts, vanilla, apple. The tones seem tamed, less marked, remaining on a pleasant softness and silkiness.
The finish is quite long and dry, pleasantly spicy, with nuts, fruit, vanilla and wood.

A truly extraordinary nose isn’t matched by a palate at the same level, which, while providing a pleasant experience, rests on more familiar and direct tones.

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