Armorik Distillery France Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

Armorik 15yo

Review of the Breton whisky in a limited edition

Origin: Bretagne (France)
Type: Single Malt Breton Whisky
Strength: 46%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Distillerie Warenghem
Average price: € 100.00
Official website: armorik.bzh
Vote: 87/100

Second limited edition to bear this ageing, released in September 2022, the result of maturation for nine years in ex-Bourbon casks and for the remaining six in ex-Sherry casks, all without colouring or chillfiltration and with 1,500 bottles produced
I have already praised several times the whisky produced by this Breton distillery, which with its solid and quality production deserves much more attention from enthusiasts, and in my own small way I try to “dig” a furrow in the hearts of Italian drinkers with these articles and by slipping their bottlings into the tastings I organise!
Thanks to Distillerie Warenghem for the kind sample.

Tasting notes

The long final maturation is well present on the nose, a dusty and spicy (Oloroso?) sherry where an abundance of nutmeg rests on old wood, nuts (almonds, macadamia) and Haribo wheel, with a cardamom vein sealing the aromas. Sweeter impressions swirl in the background, overripe fruit with a tropical touch (pineapple, mango), brown sugar, meringue and even custard. It dances on the edge of excess without ever crossing it.
In the mouth it holds a few surprises, presenting a good consistency with a mellow and savoury mouthfeel with almost umami evocations, with bitter and spicy traits intertwined with unripe currants, pineapple, chocolate, coffee bean. Citrusy grapefruit traits intertwine with liquorice and a slight vegetal vein, while on the length, salt and meatiness mark the palate.
The finish is quite long, continuing the savoury and dry theme with a slight astringency, where the vegetal notes merge with unripe fruit, liquorice and spices.

The ex-Sherry casks have worked hard on the distillate without overpowering it, creating a complex whole with very ‘chewy’ evocations, in which the initial maturation plays at the tip of the foil in lowering the tones while avoiding overflow. The result is a whisky that is all but easy, shadowy, unexpected, probably imperfect but very enjoyable (and drinkable).

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