Denmark Thy Whisky Distillery Whisky from 100 to 200 euros

Thy Whisky No. 13 Stovt

Review of an organic Danish whisky aged also in Stout casks

Origin: Denmark
Type: Danish Single Malt Whisky
Gradation: 51%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon, Sherry Oloroso, PX, Stout beer
Chillfiltered: No
Added colouring: No
Owner: Nordisk Brænderi
Average price: € 140.00
Official website: thy-whisky.dk
Vote: 85/100

Let’s go back to Denmark, where in addition to the rot of which a well-known 16th century prince complained, there is also a growing number of distilleries dedicated to whisky, including this one founded in 2010.
Founded by the Stjernholm family, farmers for several generations, the distillery produces whisky only from local organic grains following the terroir philosophy that we have learned about from other Scottish and Irish producers.
Located in the northern region of the island Vendsyssel-Thy, on the family’s property, Gyrup, Thy Whisky carries out the processing entirely on site from its own crops, making only limited editions to maintain strict control over the quality and uniqueness of the distillate, which is in fact a single farm single malt/grain like the well-known Waterford bottlings.
They debuted in January 2014 with Thy Whisky No. 1 Kræn Klit, the first in the series of limited edition single malts, which were soon joined by Distillery Editions (single cask) and rye in the Grain Spirits series.

Here I am with Stovt’s second bottling (the first was No. 11 at the end of 2019), from Odyssey quality barley distilled between January and October 2017, the result of combining several casks including those of stout beer, Thisted Bryghus’ Limfjordsporter, which produced 1,825 bottles in October 2020.

Tasting notes

The nose is initially greeted by a thick blanket of nutmeg that opens up to warm and persuasive aromas of black cherries, dates, dried red fruits, caramel and vanilla. It gradually becomes sweeter and darker, the sour cherries dominate the scene in a memory of black forest cake, but there is a mineral and fresh vein in the background that curbs its cloyingness. Greedy.
In the mouth the tones become more balanced, the casks work together to create bittersweet contrasts of liquorice root, sour cherries, dark chocolate, aniseed, nuts and caramel. Full and dry, with saline touches that stimulate salivation and encourage drinking. Notes of coffee and a slight roastiness that emerges on the length. Wood spices.
The finish is quite long and dry, oily, with chocolate, red fruits, liquorice, saline and smoky touches.

A very young whisky but already with clear ideas, the abundance of casks creates a winning synergy that dilutes the excesses of the individual elements into a highly drinkable and balanced unicum with an enviable three-dimensionality.

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