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The English Whisky Guild is born

A guild to protect the English whisky

It had been talked about for some time, but now it is official: the English Whisky Guild is born.

Resulting from the synergy of 15 English distilleries, the association aims to protect the GI of English whiskey, which until now has lived by more or less indigenous and uneven rules, traced to those of Scotch but with greater elasticity.

The chairman, Andrew Nelstrop of the English Whisky Company, said: “English whisky is synonymous with independence, innovation and creativity. The formation of the Guild and the submission of the GI application supports these shared values whilst also establishing production standards that ensure that any whisky labelled as ‘English’ is of the highest quality. It also marks a significant step in the long-term development and promotion of English whisky. We would welcome other English distilleries joining us at this exciting time.”

Out of about forty distilleries currently on English soil, those that have joined the association are:

Adnams Southwold
Bimber Distillery
Cooper King Distillery
Cooper Rivet Distillery
Cotswolds Distillery
East London Liquor Co.
Henstone Distillery
Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery
The English Whisky Co.
The Lakes Distillery
The Oxford Artisan Distillery
Wharf Distillery
White Peak Distillery
Whittaker’s Distillery

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