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Ardbeg is punked: introducing Ardbeg Ardcore

New Ardbeg Committee release unveiled

It’s almost redundant to dwell on the extravagance of Ardbeg’s special editions, in which the marketing department infuses all its inventiveness and (probably) enjoys provoking the distillery’s fans by raising the bar a little higher.

The usual double edition for Ardbeg Day on June 4th, with the first 50.1%ABV version being released as a preview for Committee members on April 26th at a price that should be around €125.00, followed by the 46%ABV version on May 17th.

Made with heavily roasted malted barley (the same used for Glenmorangie Signet), Ardbeg Ardcore is explicitly reminiscent of punk, which had something to do with Islay as the harbour of Port Ellen was apparently nicknamed Punk Ellen in the 1970s, given the movement’s strong influence on the island.

No age statement or specifications on the casks used, so we’ll have to wait for the usual last-click rush to (perhaps) find out more.

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