The end of tariffs war between USA and UK

Lasted since 2018, and finally (it seems) finished

It was since 2018 that the UK had imposed tariffs of 25% on whiskeys imported from the US, introduced in response to a similar decision taken overseas on Scotch, in what was effectively an economic war between the two major producers of spirits.
Now it seems that this war has come to an end: in June last year the US announced the suspension of tariffs, and now the UK has decided to do the same.

The dispute had a serious impact on both the bottle and cask trades, with the UK estimated at an additional £22 million in costs to UK consumers of American whiskey, whose sales had fallen by 53% since the imposition began.

A sigh of relief for the entire sector, already suffering after two years of pandemic, which should also have beneficial effects outside the two (former) contenders.

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