Distillerie des Menhirs Eddu France Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

Eddu Brocéliande

Review of buckwheat whisky finished in enchanted virgin casks

Origin: Bretagne (Francia)
Type: Breton Whisky
Strength: 43%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Cognac and virgin
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Distillerie des Menhirs
Average price: € 80.00
Official website: www.distillerie.bzh
Vote: 82/100

Another expression of this Breton whisky made from buckwheat, in the packaging that has given a new look to this bottling launched in 2013.
Five years in ex-Cognac casks from the Limousin region, unlike its brother Silver, it was then finished in virgin casks of around 400 litres, made with Breton wood from the Brocéliande forest.
The hundred-year-old trees were chosen in collaboration with the French national forest protection agency, taken from this forest (also known as Paimpont) which is linked to the legend of King Arthur as it was once the home of the fairy Viviane. A truly enchanted (and enchanting) place that I happened to visit several years ago, which I invite you to discover along with many other wonderful corners of Brittany.

Tasting notes

The nose is dominated by citric and vinous notes, acidulous and tart with impressions of gooseberry, green apple, sugar cane, lime and a hint of nutmeg. There is a distinctly floral and herbaceous streak running through the aromas, on which is grafted a hint of toasted almonds and vanilla. Fresh and interesting.
In the mouth it begins with a good whiff of pepper and ginger, accompanying the entry of a fairly light distillate that maintains the herbaceous and floral core while increasing the contribution of fruit (pineapple, apple, white grapes) always with citric veins. Rather sparkling on the palate, where sugary and bitter notes dance on the tips of fennel and cereals.
The finish is not very long and is spicy, with persistent vinous and herbaceous notes that go hand in hand with sugary impressions.

Not a monster of complexity but not without its own points of interests, which with longer ageing could grow and blossom into a truly unique whisky. For now, it is still an unripe promise, but not an insignificant one.

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