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That Boutique-y Whisky Company Nantou 4yo Batch 1

Review of a Taiwanese single cask

Origin: Taiwan
Type: Single Malt Taiwanese Whisky
Gradation: 49%ABV
Ageing cask: Ex-Bourbon
Chillfiltered: No
Added colouring: No
Owner: Atom Brands
Average price: € 70.00
Official website: www.thatboutiqueywhiskycompany.com
Vote: 83/100

When you think of Taiwan, the first whisky name that comes to mind is Kavalan, but actually after its foundation in 2005 (three years later the state monopoly on the production of the distillate was broken), another distillery started dedicating to the production of Taiwanese whisky: Nantou.
Founded in 1978, it takes its name from the town in which it is located and only began making whisky in 2008 in collaboration with a nearby brewery for raw materials, before becoming independent a couple of years later.
Stills of Scottish origin, a single malt label (Omar), a blended label (Yushan) and an alcohol volatility of 5/6% due to the tropical climate in which the casks rest.

First bottling from this distillery by the independent arm of the Master of Malt online shop, released in mid-2020 in 342 bottles, with the label evoking the first explorer to discover the territory where the distillery is located, carrying with him a sack full of barley.

Tasting notes

To speak of tropical aromas on the nose may seem pleonastic, but it is mango, papaya and pineapple that emerge from the glass, accompanied by touches of citrus (mandarin and blond orange), apple, vanilla, propolis and a mineral vein in the background. Cereals and yeast recall the youthfulness of the distillate despite the accelerated maturation. Slight note of wood polish on the length.
Glides oily on the palate, with a spicy push of ginger, pepper and cinnamon that still sees the dominance of tropical fruit with sharp acidic tones. Notes of malt, almonds and honey combine with impressions of coffee and chocolate, while on the length a certain exuberance of wood returns.
The finish is quite long with notes of bitterness, tropical fruit, hints of citrus, coffee beans, honey and ginger.

A pleasant discovery, with a richness of flavours and aromas that you would expect from other types of ageing, although at times it betrays its youthfulness in certain tones. But these are notes that go well with the overall palette, making for a pleasant, fresh and different dram.

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