Templeton Distillery USA Whisky from 0 to 50 euros

Templeton Rye 6yo

Review of the six-year-old well-known Iowa rye whiskey.

Origin: Iowa (USA)
Type: Rye Whiskey
Gradation: 45.75%
Ageing casks: Toasted American Oak
Chillfltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: Templeton Rye Whiskey
Average price: € 32.00
Official website: www.templetonrye.com
Vote: 84/100

During Prohibition it’s well known that the production of whiskey was far from stagnant, and history (as well as the cinema) is full of stories of clandestine production.
Even in Carroll County, the town of Templeton, farmers dedicated themselves to the production of rye whiskey, which was so successful that it is said to have been Al Capone’s favourite.
In 2003, some entrepreneurs decided to revive the original recipe and resurrect the label, even though the distillation took place in Indiana, which created quite a few problems for the company. Following a class action lawsuit, in 2015 they were forced to add the wording “distilled in Indiana” and remove any reference to the revival of the original recipe and production in small batches. This was quite a setback, forcing them to refund customers who had bought the whiskey up to that point.
Production has recently been moved to Iowa, bringing it back to its original roots, with the first products expected to see the light of day in 2022.

A bottling that started in 2010, when some casks (“selected casks”, of course) were set aside for extended ageing, thus adding two years to the basic one and creating a (we don’t know how much) limited version with a bizarre alcohol content (originally 91.5 proof).
There is also a ten-year aged version made for the distillery’s anniversary in 2016.

Tasting notes

Amber in the glass.
Syrupy and full on the nose, with caramelised brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger biscuits, pumpkin bread. The sweetness is very marked, perhaps too much so.
There is a distinct spiciness to the opening, of ginger and nutmeg, which gives warmth and verve to a compact and oily palate where the brown sugar still dominates, with the range of flavours opening up to ripe fruit (melon, banana, peach, apple), a hint of liquorice, cinnamon and blood orange. Toasted wood appears at length, giving dryness to the flavours.
The finish is quite long and dry, spicy, with liquorice, brown sugar, orange, cinnamon.

It starts off as a cloying bomb and turns out to be multifaceted and full, certainly not a champion of complexity but rich enough to leave you satisfied and continue tasting.

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