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Laphroaig Càirdeas 2019 Triple Wood

Review of the special edition of Laphroaig for 2019 Fèis Ìle.

Origin: Isle of Islay (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 59.5%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex Bourbon, ex quarter cask and ex-Sherry Oloroso
Chillfiltered: No
Additional coloring: No
Owner: Suntory
Average price: € 100.00
Official website: www.laphroaig.com
Vote: 89/100

Among the many existing versions of Laphroaig, there is also the Triple Wood, i.e. whisky matured in three different types of casks then combined to create a bottling of unspecified age.
At the 2019 Fèis Ìle, a version was released that was effectively identical in composition (as a chronological sequence of ageing in the three types of casks), but full grade and in the Càirdeas line.
Laphroaig cask strengths rarely disappoint, I admit to having some doubts about the alternation of so many casks, and not having tried the standard version (ye), I really don’t know what to expect.
Isn’t it wonderful?

As always, I’ll give you the full list of the series:
2008 Càirdeas – ex-Sherry, 55%ABV;
2009 Feis Ila – ex-Bourbon, 57.5%ABV;
2010 Master Edition – ex-Bourbon Hogsheads, 57.3%ABV;
2011 Ileach – ex-bourbon, 50.5%ABV;
2012 Origin – ex-Quarter Casks and ex-Bourbon Refill Casks, 51.2%ABV;
2013 Port Wood Edition – ex-Bourbon finished in ex-Port barrels, 51.3%ABV;
2014 Bottled 2014 – ex-Bourbon First Fill finished in ex-Sherry Amontillado Hogsheads, 51.4%,ABV;
2015 200th Anniversary Edition – ex-Bourbon, 51.5%ABV (special edition for the bicentennial);
2016 Madeira Cask – ex-Bourbon finished in ex-Madeira Hogsheads, 51.6%ABV;
2017 Cask Strength Quarter Cask – ex-Bourbon First Fill from Maker’s Mark finished in Quarter Casks ex-Bourbon, 57.2%ABV;
2018 Fino Cask Finish – ex-Bourbon First Fill finished in ex-Sherry Fino, 51.8%ABV;
2019 Triple Wood – ex-Bourbon, Quarter Cask and finished in ex-Oloroso Sherry, 59.5%ABV;
2020 Port & Wine Casks – ex-Bourbon, ex-Ruby Port and ex-Red Wine, 52%ABV;
2021 Pedro Ximénez Casks – ex-Bourbon, ex-quarter cask and ex-Sherry PX, cask strength at 58.9%ABV.

Tasting notes

Dark amber in the glass.
The medicine cabinet has been emptied over the burning embers of the barbecue, mixing ribs and bacon with disinfectant, resulting in a full, acrid nose that screams “Laphroaig!” with conviction. But under the coals there is more, a soft vein of caramel, candied apricot, orange (almost as in a soft drink) and chinotto, with touches of spice (cloves) and dried fruit. Leather and tobacco form the background. The alcohol is perfectly integrated, a powerful but not overpowering peat.
On the palate, the alcoholic strength makes itself felt, an explosion of chilli and salt, lots of salt, here the ocean comes in buckets dragging an oily whisky that among spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg permeates the mouth, and under the ashy and meaty peat bang reveals a more accommodating soul of vanilla, liquorice, caramelised cane sugar, citrus, red fruits, pecans. On the length it becomes rough, with a Barbour jacket impression.
The finish is long, very ashy and salty with veins of caramel, spice, citrus.

Flavourful, rich, intense, sometimes grumpy but very satisfying: formally it may not be very successful, but it offers an enjoyable and full experience, which is the best you can ask for from a whisky.

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