Dràm Mòr Glenrothes Distillery Independent Bottlers Scotland Speyside Region Whisky from 50 to 100 euros

Dràm Mòr Glenrothes 9yo Moscatel Finish

Review of a Glenrothes aged in Spanish red wine by the independent bottler Dràm Mòr.

Origin: Speyside (Scotland)
Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 58%ABV
Ageing cask: Ex-bourbon Refill, ex-Moscatel Wine First Fill
Chillfiltered: No
Additional coloring: No
Owner: Dram Mor Group
Average price: € 60.00
Official website: drammorgroup.com
Vote: 86/100

I finish the tasting of Dràm Mòr’s early Autumn bottling with the fruit of the Glenrothes’ sister barrel that I wrote about a few days ago.
In all similar to the previous one if not for the finishing, which took place for four months in a ex-Moscatel Wine barrique.

Considering that two twin barrels don’t produce an identical whisky, seeing the influence of the last four months spent in two different kind of barrels is really intriguing.

Tasting notes

Full gold in the glass.
Wild strawberries and currants on grass welcome the nose, accompanied by light spicy touches of cinnamon with vanilla, hazelnuts, honey, citrus and a splash of lemon. Good balance between the barrels.
Ginger tickles the palate at the entrance, along with a pleasant touch of rhubarb that punctuates plums, raisins, cooked apples, caramel, citrus fruits (orange and grapefruit), wet cereals. Still hazelnuts, especially on length. Lively.
Fairly long finish of raisins, hazelnuts, resin, bitter tip.

Young and cheerful malt, which balances the two influences masterfully, without one overriding the other.. Similar but different from its brother, perhaps with an extra hint of fun in drinking, but it’s really a matter of subtleties.

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