McCormick Distilling Company USA Whisky from 0 to 50 euros

Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey

Review of a 100% corn whiskey from Platte.

Origin: Missouri (USA)
Type: Corn Whiskey
Gradation: 40%ABV
Ageing casks: Virgin American oak
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: McCormick Distilling Company
Average price: € 33.00
Official website: mccormickdistilling.com
Vote: 72/100

The McCormick Distilling Company was founded in 1856 by Michael McCormick under the name Mick Distillery in Weston, Missouri, and is the oldest in the area.
Having survived Prohibition, the distillery became known above all for its production of vodka, before closing its doors in 1984.
But demand for Bourbon has grown over the years, and so in the new millennium the business restarts, dividing its operations between distillation and importation, with a portfolio of brands ranging from vodka to gin to tequila and, of course, whiskey.

Among the proprietary brands is Platte Valley, a corn whiskey produced either as moonshine (without any ageing, as was the custom in clandestine distilleries that operated at night under the moon) or aged like this one, which has spent three years in American oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Gold in the glass.
Buttered corn on the cob, the kind you buy at festivals, is the first to greet the nose, in an aroma that is overall sweet but less than one might expect, with a cidery acidic component that dilutes the tones of vanilla, caramel, marshmellow and apple gumdrops. Slight alcoholic bite. Simple and direct, very rustic.
The palate flows light and oily with a moderate clove spice over a riot of corn and banana, caramel and a slight underlying acidity. The aromas are not very persistent and fleeting, leaving the alcoholic and spicy notes in the finish to linger for a rather short time, along with a vague bitterish hint.

Young, too young, and lacking in character, perhaps more suitable for blending where it could give some satisfaction given its cheap price and old style ceramic bottle. Drinking it straight, it remains quite forgettable.

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