Indian Paul John Distillery Whisky from 0 to 50 euros

Paul John Edited

Review of the lightly peated whisky from the well-known Indian label, Paul John.

Origin: Goa (India)
Type: Single Malt Indian Whisky
Gradation: 46%ABV
Ageing casks: Ex-Bourbon
Chillfiltered: No
Added coloring: No
Owner: John Distilleries
Average price: € 42.00
Official website: pauljohnwhisky.com
Vote: 81/100

We’re back in India again, with whiskies produced by the enterprising distillery, this time with a slightly peaty version.
As always made from local barley, the peat is imported from Scotland, partly from Islay and partly from Aberdeen, to give just the right smoky boost to the delicate aromas of this single malt.

In their own words, in this distillate “you can hear the sea of Goa telling its own stories, without adulteration.” Which, from a whisky called ‘edited’, makes you wonder a little…

Tasting notes

Full gold in the glass.
Cereal and caramel embrace as it approaches the nose, soon joined by peach, honey, hazelnut, pineapple and a soft bed of grass in the background. Smoke emerges at a distance, as a distant impression. Simple and graceful.
And even on the palate the peat appears more as a small accent that reveals itself at the end of the sip, otherwise dominated by sweet and slightly spicy scents of ripe fruit (peach, dates, banana), salted caramel, hazelnuts, toasted malt, nutmeg. Pleasantly silky in the mouth, the fresh herbaceous background also remains.
Not very long finish, of cereals, hazelnuts, caramel, smoke.

An easy-drinking whisky, perhaps too polite to be incisive, but without any major flaws. Given the price, it is an excellent proposal as a daily dram or for blending.

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