Blended Scotch and Malt Johnnie Walker Scotland

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice

Review of the Johnnie Walker dedicated to the Starks from Game of Thrones.

Provenance: Scotland
Typology: Blended Scotch Whisky
Gradation: 40.2%ABV
Ageing Barrels: N/A
Chillfiltered: Yes
Additional coloring: Yes
Owner: Diageo
Average price: € 30.00
Official website: www.johnniewalker.com
Vote: 79/100

The official bottlings dedicated to the TV series Game of Thrones were composed of single malts from Diageo’s vast portfolio, chosen from among the most representative distilleries, but obviously the most famous blended spirit from their stable could not be left out, and therefore participated in the event in three versions, released at two different times.
The first was the version dedicated to the White Walkers, and shortly afterwards the two versions dedicated to the main houses of Westeros, the Stark with the icy north and the Targaryen with dragon fire, were released at the same time (also available in a dedicated box).
Today I’m talking about the blended dedicated to ice, where the malt at the base of the blend comes from Clynelish.
As you can see from the photo, on each side of the bottle there is part of the same image which, when combined with the others, makes up the whole: so just buy four of them to bully your friends and get laid!

As always, here is a summary of all the bottlings in the series dedicated to Game of Thrones:

Solvent and herbaceous (or a solvent based on grass, you name it) are the first scents to reach my nose, followed by honey, peaches, vanilla, slight orange, plenty of cereals. The artificial part evaporates quite quickly, leaving an aromatic complex that is all in all pleasant despite its simplicity.
The cereals remain proud on the palate as well, in a light, dry texture that surrounds them with peaches, hazelnuts, vanilla, a splash of lemon and a hint of tobacco. Slight spicy note of black pepper.
Medium-long finish, with a saline touch of hazelnuts, vanilla, lemon.

A blended that delivers what it promises, fresh and light to drink easily and without much thought, certainly much better than the frozen version dedicated to the White Walkers.

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